Metal Wall Panels

Wall panels are flat or corrugated sheets of metal manufactured to line walls. MetalFormers Inc. fabricates almost every style of wall paneling possible with use of various materials. If you require gauges heavier than 0.040, our industrial metal wall panels are the perfect choice. They are available in gauges of 0.050 and 0.063 gauges, and can be fabricated seamless in up to 26 foot lengths. We can customize the size of the corrugated bends to job specific needs (such as cupolas).

One of the biggest hassles of owning a commercial piece of real estate is the maintenance of the parapet wall. If your roof has a parapet wall there is annual maintenance necessary to keep your walls from deteriorating. Keeping moisture out of your walls is critical because if it freezes your wall will expand and large cracks will begin to spread. If the cracks are on the inside of the roof a common mistake is to top tar the cracks. However, this causes the moisture to stay trapped in the walls and causes much more damage.

The most effective solution is to wrap the upper parapet walls with a metal or copper cladding system like our corrugated wall panels. These panels are watertight and also allow the walls to breathe without trapping moisture inside. Since material costs are not costly per square foot this system pays for itself in no time. The installation process is also very simple. The product will exceed your expectations in quality and performance.